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The Marvelous Marvel Series

 It comes as no surprise that the first two marvel series on Disney plus have done exceptionally well. This year has already introduced two of the many planned shows following many other characters in the MCU. The first to be premiered was Wandavision back in January and lasted for a total of nine episodes. Now the Falcon and the Winter Soldier has started up and is five episodes in with the season finale this past Friday. These shows have done so well that Wandavision was the top premier show on Disney plus beating the Mandalorian and getting beaten by the premiere of Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

   Wandavision takes the characters Wanda Maximoff and Vision to the suburbs of Westview in a strange yet fun sitcom style series. It follows Wanda after the events of Avengers Endgame as she tries to grapple with loss. We open up with her in a distorted timeline as she is on a 1960s sitcom, without any clue as to why.

   As the episodes progress, we move from decade to decade of sitcom-style sets and jokes on Wandavison. This new style brings a perspective not seen before in the MCU, and it has gotten praise for doing so. It is not just full of action like many expect, and a wider range of viewers could pick it up and find enjoyment.

   Grab yourself a buddy to watch the Falcon and the Winter Soldier, these best of friends are globe-trotting in search of answers. Like Wandavision this show follows the two after the events of Endgame but instead has much more action instead of the other show. After Endgame Sam is faced with taking up the mantle of Captain America and struggles to see himself in that role. Bucky on the other hand is on a course to make amends to those he affected while he was the gruesome assassin the Winter Soldier. It also raises questions on what a role like Cap represents for America.

   The show works to deliver great fight scenes and jokes with this comedic pairing. The first couple episodes do however seem like more of the dialogue is just the characters giving a recap as to what happened to them. Of course though with each episode, we are left with more questions than answers, which in both shows draws us wanting more. Both shows also deliver further story arcs to each character and many more players in the MCU as their main goal in these are to expand the universe. 

   If you are not familiar with characters from both these series and their appearances in the movies, Disney plus released six minutes episodes on each essential character in the series Marvel Legends. The next major series release is Loki coming on June 11 and that is sure to be a wild ride. Marvel overall has done it again and cracked the code to successful television series, and it is interesting to see what comes next and how some of these shows will lead into the movies.


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