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Cultural Fest was so Fun, I Almost Peet my Pants

Friday night, Peet had their annual cultural festival. The night kicked off at 4:00 pm with free Peet tee shirts with a funky design on the back of a rat riding a skateboard while smoking a cig. They offered goodie bags with free snacks and candy, as well as some funky little critters like dragons and scorpions, or if you were really lucky, you ended up with a miniature kidney. A raffle included prizes like a lava lamp, a tie dye kit, and a Scooby Doo mug. Chapin Tent featured a rummage sale, with incredible items from Olivia Potter and Jo Simms. If you got there early enough, you could have made off with some spectacular articles of clothing like leather Harley Davidson pants, or a pair of knee length jorts with brightly colored details and a lion embroidered on the back left pocket. Under the same tent was an art gallery, with beautiful art pieces. 

 The cultural fest also included bracelet making kits so you and your friends could make matching pony bead bracelets or necklaces. These kits included letter beads, which allows for many different messages of positivity or humor or, for some people, messages which include language that can not be printed in a newspaper. This was one of the hits of the festival, and many students around campus can be seen sporting their new jewelry creations. A tie dye station was also featured, with clothes available for people to tie dye, or they could bring their own items if they felt so inclined. Students who tie dyed are easily spotted by their stained hands. Cultural Fest also included outdoor lawn games. A badminton net was set up, as well as games of cornhole (or if you are from the Midwest, “bags”). 

The real show of Culture Fest? The live music. The night began with Lyndon Blomberg on guitar, capturing the audience with his folksy ballads. He sang covers of Bob Dylan and Hank Williams, and he even threw in an original song and left audience members stunned that this was his first on stage performance. 

He was followed by 4/4n’t and Saturn Hat, bands from right here at Beloit. Drums and guitar riffs filled the quad and the music could be heard from all around the area. Chapin Quad was alive with music and people sitting in the grass on blankets. This was the one of the first times the bands have performed live since quarantine, and they couldn’t have asked for a better night. After the bands performed, the stage was opened up to karaoke and open mic. The night ended with a combination of Saturn Hat and 4/4n’t jam sesh. After the bands ended, chairs were picked up and everyone went off in different directions, with only a few stragglers left sitting in the grass. 

Peet Culture Fest was not only a fun and funky fresh event, but it also meant a lot to everyone in attendance. After the year everyone has had and all the restrictions, an event like this was refreshing. Even if you only went for part of the festival, it was clear to see that this is how Beloit is. People coming together to listen to music and cheer one another on, and have fun. 


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