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Chelonia Screendance Festival

Our greatest performative dance Chelonia just passed on February 26 & 27, in case you missed it, don’t worry all great pieces can be seen virtually. Yes, that’s right, this year Chelonia held its performance on youtube premiering live. With premiering on youtube it gave viewers the chance to comment live as everyone watched together.

The show included many choreographed dances created by some of Beloit’s very own faculty, students, as well as guest artists. Some of my favorite pieces were Discontinuities and Moving with Multitudes. However, all pieces and creators deserve a pat on the back for showcasing their work for the festival. It was creative with how the pieces, even without being on the Neese theater stage still utilized different spaces to show off their moves. Whether it was on a bridge, field, zoom, or even our very own powerhouse these artists put time into creating and shooting their piece and ultimately creating a visual masterpiece with the tool of editing. This new adaptation to Chelonia was creative and hopefully, in the future, we get to see some aspects of this year applied to future performances.

As of the publishing of this article, Chelonia can still be streamed on youtube under Chelonia 2021 Screendance Festival Show. Lasting around 40 minutes it has a total of eight amazing put-together dances, that utilize the many popular items of our life right now such as masks and zoom. This goes to show the endless amount of ways we could connect with others even when we find it hard to physically see each other.

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