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New Quarantine Hobbies

In March of 2020, quarantine started and everyone got thrown off of their rhythm, to say the least. Now, almost a year later, we find ourselves stuck with a myriad of hobbies that fell under the category of “shit that we wished we could have done before now, and now that we can, why the fuck not?” No matter where in the country, or even the world, you’re in, there were a few hobbies that seemed to stick out as popular choices. This is a list of four hobbies that definitely blew up during the pandemic and are still kind of the cool thing to do, even as we’re almost a year in and we’re all experiencing a horrible case of COVID fatigue.

1) Baking: This was so common at the start of quarantine it was impossible to find yeast for months into quarantine. Heck, I participated in the sourdough trend and I had to get creative and make my own starter from raisins rather than yeast because there wasn’t even a single packet of yeast on the shelves, let alone any flour or sugar on the shelves, at least in my hometown. People were baking everything and just like the cleaning supplies, people felt the need to clear the shelves and panic buy all the freaking flour.

2) Gaming: While gaming was a big hobby before COVID, it specifically seemed to blow up with the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch. Anyone who had the means was buying the Nintendo Switch just to play this game and everyone was sharing their friend codes on Twitter as every other tweet for a long while. Further, with the way the economy has been, a lot more people have found success in streaming themselves playing these games in order to get a paycheck.

3) Art, Podcasts, and other Creative Projects: This is the camp that lots of people found themselves in, be it them starting art for the first time, or taking time to learn a new medium. I know that in particular my sister picked up painting with acrylics and spent her evenings painting the sunset pretty much every night because there wasn’t much else for her to do. I started a podcast with some of my friends myself, and we had fun with that, even if the project died before we could even actually release any content.

4) TikTok and Social Media: This sounds like such an old person thing to say, but I know a ton of people who said they would never get TikTok who got it because they were that bored in quarantine. Further, because some people had a lot more time, they were able to build up their platforms more, be it for social activism or to show off their other quarantine hobbies.

In conclusion, even though this past year was complete and utter garbage, some of us still found a way to make the most of what we had. And if you weren’t able to, that’s totally understandable. Some people don’t have the means and/or the mental energy to pick up a new hobby at a time like this, and the fact that you made it through the year is more than enough.

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