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Midwest Conference to Support Spring Sports

The Midwest Conference announced February 19 that they are going to allow spring sport competition. However, the decision to play will ultimately be up to each individual school. Depending on how that particular school is handling COVID-19. 

Softball player Makayla Zundel ‘21 reiterated that “It is still President Bierman’s decision. He wants to make the best decision for the whole college, not just the athletes.” Causing for herself and other athletes to not get too excited.

That is where track athlete Travis Price ‘21 is. Coming off a full, successful indoor season last year, he was ready for the outdoor season; the season that never came. “I was just so disappointed last year, this year I’m trying not to get too excited about it,” said Price ‘21.

Zundel ‘21 made an interesting point, she said “I think [sports] it’s what we need, for our mental health…I know we shouldn’t identify as just athletes, but it’s a huge part of our identity.” Especially seeing other private schools (Edgewood College, Ripon College, Marian University, just to name a few) in the state being able to have some sort of a season for their sport.

This is not to say athletes were not elated to hear the news. Lacrosse player Kendra Grogan ‘21 said “We have a practice schedule, it’s pretty exciting. This is my last time to play, all the other seniors are excited to play. We’re just really excited.” Followed by a sense of uncertainty because of the physicality of the sport. “We’re just a little bit unsure of how the guidelines are going to go.” Austin De La Cruz ‘22 said “everyone was just fired up.” Wanting to erase the bad taste of last year out of their mouths.

Last season, baseball played 9 games before they had to cancel (softball also played a few games last spring. Both teams were in Florida). De La Cruz ‘22 said “It was the worst. The worst feeling honestly, I’ve ever experienced in my life. I’m not exaggerating.” Seniors on last year’s team got their farewell season torn away from them, that was the sad part for De La Cruz ‘21 “It just ripped away after an amazing 9 games.”

A cliche played itself out last season: play every game like it’s your last. For those seniors in Florida and those athletes in the spring of ‘19 had played their last game or ran their last event without even knowing it. De La Cruz ‘22 said “last year was like a scar…Never take anything for granted, I think that is what everyone learned…play to your fullest, you never know what is going to happen.” It could only take one instance for you to turn your whole perspective around.

While athletes are happy about the announcement, they did not see this happening. Grogan ‘21 said “personally I did not think we would have a season, because of how bad it was getting…I thought there was absolutely no way we were going to have any sort of legit season or practice.” De La Cruz ‘22 said “In the first semester I wasn’t as confident, seeing other sports and how they got cancelled.” Price ‘21 said “Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. Last season pulled my optimism away from this season. Not much has changed.” Definitely a hard idea to wrestle with as an athlete.

As it stands, February 27, no decision has been made from President Bierman. Our alert level is yellow. With 0 new student cases, 0 faculty/staff cases, 2 students in isolation and 6 students in quarantine. Let’s hope our spring athletes get a chance to compete this year.

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