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Report of Election Results

America breathed a sigh of relief on Saturday following the final results of the 2020 Presidential election. After four days of endlessly refreshing feed, watching the news, anxious conversations, counting ballots, and fearfully awaiting the country’s fate for the next four years, the result was announced: Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump, in every aspect of the word. Biden received a final tally of 290 votes in the electoral college, far surpassing Trump’s 214. Biden also won in voting percentages, with 50.6% of the vote and 74,939,396 votes for him, whereas Trump had 47.7% of the votes, and received 70,636,322, which is four million less than Biden. 

When ballots first began to be counted, Biden had a strong start and took the lead in terms of electoral college votes, but after Trump picked up Iowa and Texas, the race was 220 Biden and 213 Trump, leaving voters completely in the dark as to who would win. All eyes were on the Midwest, with Michigan and Wisconsin as integral players in this tight race. As ballots continued to be counted, it was clear that Biden won not only both Midwest states but also Pennsylvania and Arizona. All four states voted red in the 2016 election but turned the vote in 2020 and secured the presidency for Joe Biden. 

Donald Trump, the first president to lose a reelection bid since George H.W. Bush in 1992, did everything he could to stop the tidal wave of mail in ballots that had a black oval filled in next to the names of Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris. On Thursday night, Trump, as stated in one CNN article, “delivered the most dishonest speech of his presidency.” The author of this article, Daniel Dale, said, “I have never seen him lie more thoroughly and more egregiously than he did on Thursday evening at the White House,” and that the former president “took a blowtorch to the presidential tradition of defending the legitimacy of the democratic process.” Within his speech, Trump claimed Biden was “trying to steal an election” or “trying to rig an election.” Both of these claims are completely and utterly false, as it is an election with two people, whom the general population votes for and chooses fairly. Democracy is not stealing or rigging; if the American people vote you out, that is their prerogative and has nothing to do with thievery and everything to do with their opinions of a nominee. One way an election could actually be stolen would be, say, if a presidential candidate colluded with a foreign country to try and rig an election. Trump also made continuous claims of winning states he clearly had not, suggested that there was illegal voting occuring, and that mail in ballots are corrupt and fraudulent. Trump’s speech was abhorrent and was intended to incite mistrust and conspiracy in the election system, an insinuation that should not be placed in the minds of voters by a sitting president. 

The American people deserve a president who believes in science, climate change, women’s rights, and coronavirus. While many Democrats settled for Biden, it is a move forward for all issues currently impeding Americans. With record breaking levels of voter turnout, the American people have chosen their president, fairly and democratically. 


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