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What to Know About Apple’s Newest iPhone

The iPhone 12 is here! Apple’s most recent iPhone became available in stores on October 23rd. However, while the standard iPhone 12 is available, those who wish to get their hands on the iPhone Pro, the Pro Max, or the iPhone 12 Mini will need to preorder through their cell phone provider or the Apple website. Customers will have the opportunity to preorder beginning on November 6th. Preordered phones are not expected to be shipped until November 19th, so if you are eager to get your new iPhone as soon as possible (assuming you don’t wish to purchase the standard iPhone 12), you will want to hop on that November 6th order date.

With the introduction of bright colored iPhones in 2013 with the 5C, Apple users have consistently shown an interest in which colors each new iPhone will be released in. The iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Mini will both be available in blue, white, red, green, and black, while the iPhone 12 Pro and the Pro Max will be available in metallics (gold, silver, graphite, and blue). The standard model and the Mini will both be released with the option of a 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB storage plan and the two Pro models will be released with 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB options. 

This new model will include plenty of exciting features. First, all four iPhone 12 models will have dual cameras with Night Mode — in both lenses. This feature will allow users to capture more detailed nighttime photos, with popping colors and as the Apple website states, 27% more light. Dual camera Night Mode will also be available when recording videos, as the feature kicks in automatically when it senses low lighting. Another new feature is the ability to utilize MagSafe accessories. iPhone 12 users will be able to use magnetic phone cases, wallets, and chargers.

 A downside to the iPhone 12, however, is the fact that earbuds and USB chargers will no longer be included with your new phone. Apple claims that this decision is their attempt at reducing their ‘carbon footprint,’ as many of these accessories go unused. However, this decision will inevitably end up costing users more money. Those who have been using Apple products for a while are familiar with how flimsy the USB chargers are, and what a relief it is to get a new one with your new phone. USB cords can be quite expensive on their own, and reasonable ones do not last very long. As for the earbuds, not everyone has hopped on the AirPod train just yet, so finding old Apple EarPods with the cord can be a challenge, as they are becoming nearly extinct at this point. The decision to omit these two essential accessories from the packages of the iPhone 12 was not very well thought out. 

Regardless of the lack of two accessories from the packaging, the iPhone 12 seems quite promising. Many users have been yearning to return to a smaller phone, so the iPhone 12 Mini is likely to be a hit with buyers. The release of the iPhone 12 could not be more perfect, either, as all four models will be available for purchase as the Christmas season goes into full swing. Be prepared for the iPhone 12 to make an appearance on most of your friends’ and family’s Christmas lists.

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