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Beloit Succumbs To The City And Removes Black Lives Matter Banners

I’m not angry, I’m just tired of being disappointed by performativity and the bare minimum. 

Before sending a formal email to the students, the Beloit College administration decided to remove the Black Lives Matter banners from the bridge that connects the campus to the Powerhouse. 

Initially, the idea of even putting up those banners was to me, just a little bit performative, and just not enough, especially with the social media posts over the summer that screamed, “that’s enough activism for today!” 

The action of removing the BLM banner suggests that while we are indeed citizens of Beloit, our lives certainly do not matter to the city of Beloit and clearly to whoever complained even though street after street is filled with political affiliated signs supporting the reelection of President Donald Trump.  

Although the school and the administration are trying to find alternatives to the original locations of the Black Lives Matter banners, it was unsettling to some to see how quickly they were removed without any hesitation, or pushback by those that claim that Beloit is an anti- racist institution. (I’ll let you guys be the judge of that.) What better place could there be to put such an informative and important message than the bridge that connects Beloit to the Powerhouse and the rest of the community? 

If no one else is gonna say it, I will. The performative emails and the apologies are not enough to make up for the multiple occasions that the school, administration, and city has failed and disappointed their Black and Brown students. 

What’s not clicking? Why is it so hard for the school to provide the bare minimum to the groups of students they desperately need to appear inclusive and diverse to prospective students?

Besides the Black Lives Matter Banners being removed, the Black Students United House doesn’t even have a microwave, and the school protects racist students online, but are nowhere to be found to uplift, celebrate, and protect their Black and Brown students that are trying to cope with the daily experience of being outnumbered, disrespected, and alienated. 

So here’s my message. Do better, Be better, and stand firm with your decisions that influence and affect your minority students because this safe space you claim that you have cultivated in your admissions rhetoric means absolutely nothing just like the empty promises of including, supporting, and caring for your Black and Brown faculty, staff, and students. 

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