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This week, I sat down with Sophia Papas, a freshman from Chicago who is continuing her volleyball career at Beloit College. As a student at DePaul College Prep, her introduction into the sport started at age 7, when she was also an active member of her basketball, softball, and swim team. As she jokingly mentioned, she decided to stop her swimming career when she hit puberty because she was unable to put a tampon in. Though she no longer competes in swimming, it still stands as one of her greatest hobbies. In her time in Depaul, she was elected Student Body President; along with her commitments to volleyball, the time management and responsibilitiesallowed for a smooth transition into Beloit. With her new journey, the last month of her freshman year has proven to be very exciting and not too stacked (yet.) It’s no surprise that college can be hard, but, like most of us, Sophia finds the new MOD system rather difficult and stressful. With the shorter schedule and immense amount of work, she still finds going to practice three times a week a relief and an exciting experience throughout the week. As a dedicated student, plans to major in biochemistry and political science, with a minor in Spanish. She aspires to pursue a career in Dermatology. She stated, “When I was younger I had a skin disease that no one could figure out, and my dermatologist found out what was wrong. He explained it to us in a way that we could understand and I would like to provide that kind of experience to others.” It’s very clear that Sophia is a dreamer, as her childhood aspirations ranged from becoming a Fashion Designer, to FBI agent and even a First Lady. Hopefully, Sophia can achieve all her goals and dreams in one form or another. As an athlete, Sophia has had many injuries, particularly two strong concussions, but mentioned such injuries only remind her how much she wants to play the sport. Every time she’s forced to take a back seat with volleyball, due to an injury, all she wants to do is come out of the other end of the recovery as a much better athlete; that kind of determination is truly inspiring and difficult to hold onto. In her free time, Sophia is an avid embroidery artist, mastering the art form during quarantine. Her interest in fashion encouraged her to take some fashion-related classes and fell in love with embroidery. Travelling is something she definitely enjoys, stating that Mexico and Spain have been her favorite places. According to her critique, “if you’re ever in Spain, you have to go to Madrid, Barcelona, and the Southeastern town Mijas.” Her former coach always signified the importance of an open mind and doing things differently. Though she is currently unable to put that into practice for Beloit games, it’s safe to say that Sophia is going to be someone to look out for on the court.

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