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What to Do With Friends While We’re On Code Yellow

With the pandemic raging on, Beloit College is currently on a Code Yellow. This means that in-person meetings are highly discouraged. However, humans are social creatures—interacting with each other is vital for our mental health and wellbeing, so we naturally want to do so. However, we also need to remain vigilant and avoid spreading COVID-19 on campus and in our communities back at home.

Unfortunately, as tired as we all are of constantly staring at our screens, the Internet is one of the safest ways to make sure we all stay safe during COVID times and connect with our friends. Of course, there’s no shortage of things to do on the Internet with friends if you know where exactly to look. Tired of FaceTime? There are plenty of opportunities to have fun with friends otherwise.

Several streaming services now have screen sharing capabilities now, so you can have movie nights when in-person viewings are cancelled and you missed the virtual First Friday Flicks like the one we had for Queen and Slim this past Friday. Pop up some popcorn and stay in for the night to watch some movies with friends tonight! That is, of course, if you haven’t already watched everything there is to watch over the summer due to quarantine times.

If you do happen to have nothing left to watch, games are also nice! On top of all of the board games you can play virtually online, there are also plenty of online multiplayer games to start up a private room with friends and play! Of course, the age of Jackbox and Kahoot are temporarily over due to how infuriating playing them over the computer can be, but games like Among Us can still get your brain going and provide a good outlet to betray your friends! (In a friendly manner, of course.) 

When you’re not studying, watching movies, or playing games, political activism and allyship isn’t just going to protests! While protests are a vital part of a movement, they mean nothing if allies are not doing the reading and listening to the voices of those they are lifting up. On top of the Zoom meetings that activist groups such as BSU put on for us, starting a book club with friends to read literature related to your cause.

And of course, finally, election time is coming up! For those who are of age and have the citizenship status to vote and haven’t registered and/or requested a mail-in ballot yet, make a Zoom party out of doing so (keeping your information related to voting private unless you need witnesses!) If you’re not going directly to the polls due to COVID-19, this could be a great alternative.

Of course, these all seem painfully obvious and even obnoxious as you read them (trust me, I feel obnoxious writing them.) However, as it’s around the middle of the semester, I feel like the reminder, no matter how obnoxious, is vital for us to get through the semester together.

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