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Horoscopes for the week of 9/28

Aries – It’s been easy for you to feel overwhelmed lately, and you’re lacking your usual outlets to let off some steam. Don’t stress, good things are on their way! Put your mask on and find a reason to celebrate with a friend (six feet apart, of course).

Taurus – Now is the time to put your (mask covered) nose to the grindstone! Minimize distractions now and reward yourself for a job well done later, you won’t regret it.

Gemini – Maybe it’s time to slow down and listen for a change. Might as well let yourself explore your curiosities and new ideas with open ears since your mouth is already covered!

Cancer – Be cautious of who you are becoming close to (and not just because of COVID). Becoming entangled in someone else’s business does not suit you at the moment, Cancer.

Leo – Lately you’ve been feeling particularly wise, Leo, and you should feel empowered to share that wisdom with those you love. Remember you have valid and important insights that others are eager to hear!

Virgo – If you’ve been feeling stagnant take time this week to find places to push yourself. Open a dialogue with yourself or a close friend about what it is you’re really seeking and how you will (safely) get there.

Libra – Someone’s been gnawing at your nerves (maybe they aren’t being COVID safe…), and it’s okay to distance yourself from them (both physically and mentally). Your first obligation should always be yourself, and taking a breather is always a valid option.

Scorpio – Your interpersonal power dynamics are fluctuating, and you are not enjoying it. It’s okay to assert yourself– don’t be afraid to be a leader in a tough situation.

Sagittarius – Don’t be ashamed to fail this week. You have to stumble in order to know when you’re walking correctly. Additionally, someone else’s success does not imply your own failure!

Capricorn – It’s time to loosen the reins and reevaluate the expectations you’ve set for yourself and those around you. Practice realism and empathy in equal measures.

Aquarius – Just because you are coasting does not mean you are not progressing. Those around you are faithful supporters, so allow yourself to lean on them. Emotionally, that is, and from six feet apart.

Pisces – Make time to journal things out this week, or, if the emotions are big enough, have a dance in the rain. Screaming into a pillow is always acceptable too.

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