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JT’s NFL Upset Picks

The NFL is back and better than ever! With changes galore happening this past off-season, everyone has a shot each week to win! Taking an in-depth look though at the teams who play UPSET CITY is always a possibility! Here are my top picks for the underdogs to win.

Jaguars vs. Titans 

I must admit I’m biased because I am a Jaguars Fan, so a warning has been said. However, the Titans did not look like the team that we saw a year ago upset the Patriots in the playoffs. They barely squeaked by a Broncos team that had a top ten pick last year and is arguably the same team as last year. Derrick Henry is always going to have a good game. The rest of the team though looks very rusty! On the other hand the Jaguars look much better than anyone could have predicted. Gardner Minshew looks a ton better in the pocket this year and had only one incomplete pass last week. Even with the release of star running back Leonard Fournette the Jaguars are poised to have a big week.  Jaguars to Win. 

Panthers vs. Buccaneers 

Tom Brady is washed. Not ifs ands or buts about it at all. He looks like a forty three year old playing Quarterback, which he is. His balls no longer have the same zip on them that they once had, and he is afraid to get hit. He’d rather throw a ball away than take any kind of hit. The offense isn’t fit for him as well, so don’t expect the Buccaneers to score a lot. There’s a lot you could say about the Panthers but the easiest way to put it is they score points. With Teddy Bridgewater and Christian McCaffrey at the helm they are almost unstoppable. The addition of Robby Anderson also gives them just another weapon to add to their militia.  Panthers to Win. 

Giants vs. Bears 

I don’t care what anyone thinks Mitchell Trubisky sucks. The Bears faltered against the Lions and should have lost that game. They are super inconsistent and the defense looks a little out of shape. The defense is still menacing with Roquan Smith leading that charge. The Giants after a week one loss look for a bounce back game and I think it’ll come. Saquan Barkley Only had six yards rushing and there is no way he has a repeat performance. Expect a big week from the Giants and a giant week for saquan. Giants to win. 

Patriots vs Seattle.

This one is the biggest stretch but is also my most confident pick. The Patriots travel to Century Link field to take on a Super Bowl contending Seahawks. Russell Wilson once again looks like a MVP candidate and a Pete Carrol defense will always be solid. Bobby Wagner is going to have a monster year, but can he stop a new and improved Cam Newton? I think Cam Newton has a big game and will carry the Patriots to a win. More importantly Stephon Gilmore will have an interception and the Patriots will take care of business against the Seahawks in Seattle. Take the Patriots!

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