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Who the Buc is Madi Christine?

The Round Table sat down with softball player, Madi Christine in the Sports Center Lobby after her Sunday practice (don’t worry she changed first).

Round Table: What’s your major?

Madi Christine: I’m a health and society major.

RT: How long have you been playing softball?

MC: I’ve been playing softball since I was five. I played the typical rec ball, then started travel, played in high school, and now I’m playing here at Beloit.

RT: What position do you play?

MC: I play center field. I used to play shortstop, and then when I went to high school we had a really good shortstop on the team who was already committed to Oregon. My coach told me, “you’re fast, have you ever played the outfield?” That’s when I transitioned in my freshman year of highschool to the outfield, and that’s the only position I play here. I love it. I wish I had started playing outfield from the beginning. It’s a lot of running, which I really like.

RT: How do you like practicing in the Powerhouse?

MC: I love it. My brother went here and graduated two years ago, but when he was here, they told him it would be ready for his junior year. Now that he’s come and gone and I’m a senior, it’s finally open. We were the first team to actually go into the Powerhouse and use the batting cages, which was awesome. It brings up everyone’s spirits and we feel like we’re a real collegiate team instead of practicing in the little dungeon of the field house. We get to work there and the view and amount of light is awesome. It makes you feel really proud of yourself after doing so much hard work to get there you get to use this amazing facility.

RT: What’s your favorite movie?

MC: Step Brothers is my favorite. I think it’s a classic one that a lot of people like. 

RT: Disney Channel or Nickelodeon?

MC: Disney Channel.

RT: Favorite season of Friday Night Lights? 

MC: Honestly I think it would have to be either the first of the last one because it sets the stage for everything.

RT: What’s your favorite memory with the team?

MC: My favorite moments are going to Florida. We go every year for Spring Break, and it’s just the chance to play ten games with no other obligations or commitments. It’s awesome to just be able to play something you love with everybody else. That’s where our team bonds the most. We really get to know each other and we’re in beautiful weather.

RT: How does this upcoming season look?

MC: I’m really optimistic. I’ve seen this team through three years and we’ve definitely had our ups and downs and struggles with not having enough girls and different injuries. I think we are the best for team chemistry that we’ve ever been since I’ve been here. I’m so excited because we have the talent, and we’ve always had the talent, but what matters is being able to work together and put all of our talents together. I think we are a really good group and mesh well, so I’m ready for us to do some damage out there for sure.

RT: What do you look forward to most this season?

MC: I’m ready to have a great senior year and play the sport I love ending on a good note with people who are going to be lifelong friends. Looking back, I only have about a month and a half until it’s over and I’ll never be able to play collegiate softball again. I think just being able to go out there and play the sport I love with people I love is the biggest thing for me.

RT: Do you have a favorite cheer?

MC: I think we did a lot more cheering when we were little, but we just kind of do noise now. Illinois College does this “We like to party” cheer where they jump up and down and move their arms really weird, so we do the same thing to make fun of them.

RT: What’s your favorite video game?

MC: Just Dance or Mario Kart. I like to play the Wii a lot. I think our whole team likes to play the Wii. Whenever we do team activities, we always have the Wii out.

RT: Do you have any superstitions while playing? 

MC: I have a lot. I think softball and baseball players are very superstitious. I have a thing where I have to pick out a certain type of my contacts and then I have my hair a certain way. I have a couple of hairstyles that I alternate between, and I always have to wear a visor. I also have to do two swings between every single pitch when I’m up to bat because if I don’t then I’ll think I won’t do well. I think everyone has their own little weird things. A lot of people put a certain sock on first.

RT: How do you feel about wearing visors as a fashion statement off the field?

MC: Honestly I am a huge fan. We have a “visor gang” on our team. I used to get made fun of for wearing visors all the time. I wear them inside. I think it’s an outfield thing where we all wear visors and don’t feel right if we’re not wearing them.

RT: Would you describe yourself as more of the bat or the ball?

MC: I think more of the bat, just because when I think of a bat I think of power. I have more of a big voice on this team, I like to go very aggressive when I play, and I’m very loud. I think that’s what I consider to be the bat- to be the power and aggressive stroke.

RT: Any words for the fans?

MC: Come out to Strong Stadium! I know sometimes it can be a walk, but it’s really not that far. It would mean a lot to come to our games and this would definitely be the season that starts off a new revolution for us.

The Beloit College softball team starts off their season this Monday at Mount Mary University. Make sure to support them this season to see some Just Dance moves and high-end visor fashion.

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