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Java Joint Closes as College Opens Hamilton’s Cafe

On Friday, Feb. 21 at 6:42 p.m. Beloit College students, faculty, and staff received an email from the Dean of Students Office on behalf of Beloit’s catering service Bon Appetit that revealed the plans to open Hamiltons on Monday, Feb. 24 in the newly-open student union and recreation center the Powerhouse. According to the email, Hamiltons “will feature gelato, smoothies, wood stone-fired pizza, grab and go items, artisan toast and spreads, sack lunches, all of your favorite coffee beverages and more.” As a result, Java Joint’s food and beverage services will be closed and moved to Hamiltons. 

Java Joint’s seating space in the basement level of Pearsons will remain open for student use, according to the email. Complimentary tea, coffee, and hot chocolate will be available in the space Monday through Friday from 8am to 3pm. 

The menu for Hamiltons’ breakfast services served from 7am to 11am features a protein box, yogurt, granola, fresh fruit, muffins, croissants, and sweet and savory toast. Midday items served  from 11 am to 5pm include pizza squares, salads, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, cake pops, gelato, and sack lunches. Late night services from 5pm to 10pm offer sweet and savory chips and dip, quesadillas, and edamame, as well as midday grab & go items and dessert. Each item on the list also has corresponding caloric intake information. Bon Appetit also announced in the email plans to roll “out an app that allows you to order from your phone, check your balance and add funds to your account.”

The decision to close Java Joint has been up in the air for some time after the announcement for the Powerhouse cafe plans, but nevertheless Beloit students were quick to show opinions. A student posted on the Beloit College student Facebook group “FUCK HAMILTONS” while another commented that the new cafe is “gentrified Java.” Others added that the location of the Powerhouse remains an issue for students to access sack lunches in between classes on the academic side of campus, although the break period between classes will be lengthening next semester in fall 2020. 

As a result of opening Hamiltons, D.K. ‘s hours will be reduced to 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. but Common’s dining hours will remain the same. 

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