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Who the Buc is Kiara Davis?

The Round Table sat down with Beloit College’s very Kiara Davis ’21 as she ate Qdoba in Study Room D of Robert H. Morse Library.

Round Table: What’s your major?

Kiara Davis: I’m a health and society major and I’m thinking of becoming a religious studies minor.

RT: What events do you do in track and field?

KD: I throw heavy ass balls. I throw 20 pound balls around my head and off my neck. If you want to be technical, I throw the shot, hammer, javelin, discuss, and probably something else that I said no to but have to do.

RT: How long have you been doing track?

KD: I didn’t really get serious about track until my freshman year of college. Before then I kind of dibble dabbled in it but didn’t really take it seriously. Most of the time growing up I was mostly playing volleyball or basketball.

RT: Are you better at throwing shot or shooting your shot?

KD: I think I’m better at shooting my shot. Lately, I’ve been doing real good.

RT: What other activities do you do on campus?

KD: I’m a part of Theta Pi Gamma, which is my sorority. I also help out with little events for BSU (Black Students United) such as Wild’n Out. I’ll be in that this Friday. Coming up soon, we’re going to bring back Dream Girls for Black women on campus. I work in Residential Life too.

RT: What’s your favorite meal?

KD: I think my favorite meal would have to be fried barbecued chicken wings from Jersey’s. It’s a bar and grille right beside the Subway and car dealership across from Walmart. It’s kind of a diamond in the rough. You can get two pounds of wings for about ten dollars. I can eat four and be full and then have the leftovers for the rest of the week.

RT: Are you allergic to anything?

KD: Yes, I just found out over break that I’m allergic to almonds. I never would’ve known until my mom put almond extract in a pound cake. When I ate it my throat started closing up so I just sat on the couch thinking, “Oh this is weird. This doesn’t feel right I can’t breathe, but let me just drink some water and go to sleep and see if it goes down.” Then I felt better and tried another piece of cake to see if that’s what it was. And that’s what it was. So I’m allergic to almonds and sulfate.

RT: Describe your dream date

KD: We get in his car, because I’m not about to use my gas, and drive somewhere with seafood and crab legs. I’ll put the little bib on and just go to work. That is what I dream about. I don’t even care what he’s eating. I’ll be eating the crab legs and have butter all over my face.

RT: Who’s on the date with you?

KD: I feel like Michael B Jordan would be with me on this date. But if we’re being realistic it would probably be Josh because I’m always with him all the time. In between those two right there.

RT: What song hypes you up?

KD: Right now it would be Yummy by Justin Bieber. Before that, and it will always be, No Guidance by Chris Brown and Drake. It’s just the beat- my back instantly starts arching. I don’t know what it is about that song.

RT: Do you prefer indoor or outdoor track?

KD: Indoor because it’s not outside. It’s so cold when outdoor is here. With indoor, at least I know I’m only going to be in the cold from the bus to the building.

RT: Do you have any meet husbands?

KD: Yes! I just found track bae last week. He goes to UW Madison. He’s like a grown-ass man with a full beard, but I kid you not he’s only 19. I forgot his name but he was really cute. Every time I see him now I just call him to track bae. He was really nice and I met his damn parents, which was interesting. I was thinking, “we may as well tie the knot.” I follow him on Instagram now too.

RT: For those who don’t know, what exactly is a ‘meet husband’?

KD: A meet husband is somebody at a meet from another team who not only looks good and could be husband material, but also can carry your shot, your weight, your hammer, and everything you need for an event, and also be able to critique you so you both can get better. That to me is what a meet husband is. That support system, but that cute support system.

RT: Crocs with or without socks?

KD: With socks always. You ain’t rockin’ if you ain’t crockin’.

RT: Who was your first ever crush?

KD: He was this boy who went to my school, but it just didn’t work out because his head did not grow into his body and I stopped liking him. Then he grew into it and I started liking him again. I just told him Happy Birthday a couple of weeks ago.

RT: If you could go back in time or go into the future, which would you do?

KD: I think I would go back in time and try to stop myself from fucking up so much.

RT: Any words for the fans?

KD: Make sure that y’all stay on top of your schoolwork. Don’t get behind because then you’ll just be further behind. Don’t burn any bridges unless they need to be burnt, and just enjoy life because these four years are gonna fly real fast.

As the Beloit Track and Field team gear up for conference make sure to show support for Kiara and come see her at Wild’n Out this Friday at 9 PM at Wilson Theatre.

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