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A Farewell to the Community Careers and Engagement Center House on Emerson

Many people might be wondering why the southern half of DK’s in Pearson’s Hall has been recently under construction and when it will be open again. The DK’s annex is planning to reopen on the 13th of February as the Community Careers and Engagement Center’s (CCEC) new home. 

A glass wall will be added to the doorway between the new CCEC and DK’s. New furniture will also be added for students to meet, work, or just hang out. There will be four cubicles for each of the faculty members working in CCEC as well as a reception desk and lounge space for student workers. 

CCEC Office Coordinator, Emily Sager, and Director of Career Development, Jessica Fox-Wilson, expressed her excitement for their new home. Fox-Wilson said that the move to DK’s would “make sure we are visible for the students.” She further mentioned that reaching students can be difficult because they “don’t have signage, which has always been our struggle” for students to find them. 

Emily Sager reported that leaving their current building at 703 Emerson Street would be “bittersweet.” She has worked there for eight years and career services have been there for 24 years. The CCEC’s move to Pearsons would now leave the old building vacant with future plans of the building still in question.

The building was first built in 1938 as the sorority house of Delta Delta Delta. Later, Tri-Delta disbanded from the national sorority and formed the local sorority Delta Psi Delta. Then in the early 1970s, Delta Psi Delta ended, leaving the house vacant. 

The next occupants of the house were from a Jewish student group called Chevrah. They only lived in the house for a couple of years before the college’s credit union and accounting department were admitted as the new occupants in 1977. Accounting worked in the house until the mid-1990s when career services took over.

Is there a possibility that the house could become new student housing in the future? Or will another department of campus faculty find themselves in the house? Regardless, Emily Sager mentioned that while working in the house, there has been recent flooding issues caused by the rain that drove the move to Pearson’s Hall. There would need to be construction on the house before it can be occupied again. 

One thought on “A Farewell to the Community Careers and Engagement Center House on Emerson”

  1. Penelope McMorris says:

    I would like to correct one matter in your article. You state that: “Tri-Delta disbanded from the national sorority and formed the local sorority Delta Psi Delta.” The Beloit chapter of Delta Delta Delta did not voluntarily choose to leave the national sorority and form a local group. On the contrary they were forced out by the national leaders of Delta Delta Delta during the summer of 1964 because they would not agree to commit to guaranteeing that they would not pledge a black girl. I was the pledge chairman for the Tri-Delts in 1964 and will never forget being pressured by sorority alumni to promise to this. My answer was we would not. Their response was to yank our charter to the national sorority, forcing us to return to being a local sorority, just as the national Delta Gamma leadership had done to Beloit’s Delta Gamma chapter the year before.

    This is a detail about the history of Delta Delta Delta that I feel should never be glossed over or overlooked.

    Penelope McMorris
    Beloit class of 1965

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