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Key Card Issues First Week Back on Campus

As some Round Table readers may already have experienced, certain building access key cards have been subject to occasional malfunctioning since the beginning of the semester. Although at first this inconvenience may have seemed like a ruthless curse from the gods and spirits, Ryan Schamp, Director of Residential Life, made it clear, on Jan. 30, in an email to the campus community that Beloit College was merely “in the process of updating the hardware and software that operates the keycard access system”. 

Georgia Fanthorpe’23 opened up to The Round Table about a firsthand experience with the key card debacle. “As I was heading back to my room last Thursday, I attempted one of my ritualistic 180-degree spin jumps to open the door to Maurer Link, and was denied access,” she said. “Luckily, my friend Olivia advised me to go through Chapin [Hall] over text,” she continued. “This was the only way to escape the Brannon-Mauer Tunnel. But I had to walk outside in winter temperatures,” Fanthorpe noted. 

Luckily for Fanthorpe and other Beloit students, the Library and Information Technology Services (LITS) staff took account of the issue quickly. In the email, Schamp wrote, “This [incident] was meant to entail (at most) a possible five minute disruption to each individual hall while the switch over happened. This has obviously not been the case.” Fanthorpe told The Round Table that “it was a distressing moment, but I felt much more comfortable after receiving that email from Ryan Schamp.”

For those still looking for a solution, Schamp told Beloit students to reach out via email with any questions or concerns, to call campus security in the event that their card does not work, and that “If this appears to be an error that will take a long-time to fix, Residential Life, LITS, and Security will develop a plan to allow hall access.” 



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