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Commons Brings Back Warm Cookie Wednesdays

Is it just me or did the first two Wednesdays of this semester seem a little chilly? After a two week scare, Warm Cookie Wednesdays have finally returned to Commons. Here are the 7 reasons why this is worth celebrating.

  1. Big Nostalgia Energy

There’s something that just feels so cozy about eating a cookie fresh out of the oven. All of the sudden, the nostalgia hits hard and I feel like I’m back in onesie pajamas about to watch The Lion King for the fourth time that week. Only now, I don’t get yelled at when I take more than one.

2. We Just Can’t Do It On Our Own

Last week, when I was missing the cookies a little extra, I tried microwaving a standard commons cookie. I really tried to recreate an off brand version of the warm cookies, but it just wasn’t the same. I ended up burning my hand on the plate, which got hotter than the actual cookie.

3. The Process

There’s something about scooping up a cookie with the spatula straight from the pan without letting them fall apart gives you the sense of accomplishment that you have earned the cookie. You feel like a loader truck as you clear a spot on the tray with one clean motion. The way it slides softly onto the plate lets you know that you won’t be chipping a tooth.

4. Ooey Gooey

You couldn’t pick one of these bad boys up with your hand even if you tried (which is unhygienic so please don’t). Just like you at this time in the week, these cookies are barely held together. At this point the cookie is basically glorified dough, but I am definitely not complaining.

5. It Feels Special

Walking into Commons on Warm Cookie Wednesday gives you the same feeling as getting that long awaited package receipt notification email after a burst of online shopping. You knew it was coming all week, so you really appreciate it when it’s here.

6. Commons Smells Nice

You can never predict when campus will have that random cookie smell wafting around outside, but you can count on Commons having it every Wednesday. The smell of fresh cookies masks even the tables of sweaty teams coming for dinner right after practice. 

7. It Cheers You Up

Dinner marks the safe haven period between classes and the horrible amount of time you’re about to spend in the library. The warm cookies give you the comfort you need to recover and prepare.


Warm Cookie Wednesdays are back and it feels so good. 


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