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Look Out Instagram, Java Joint is Sliding In

If you follow Java Joint’s instagram account, you may have noticed your feed getting filled with posts by the #jjcrew. This semester, Java Joint has been working on its publicity on campus to bring people in and make it a welcoming space.

“We want to re-enliven the Java Joint instagram to kind of make Java a campus-wide experience so people feel connected and welcome coming in here. It’s like they know us a little bit more,” said Miette Muller’19, who has worked at Java over the past two years. “We wanted to have something kind of fun and different that will get people excited about coffee or being involved in java joint because it’s a cool place.”

Members of the self proclaimed “JJCrew” have also been working to bring more people into the space through the hidden mug promotion. Students have a chance to win a free beverage if they successfully find the labeled “Free Coffee” mug.

“We hide our mug around the campus, and if you find our mug you can bring it in and get a free cup of coffee,” said Java Joint’s manager, Carla, who has been working here since the beginning of the semester. “Then you get your picture taken and you get to rehide it for the next person.”

Aside from the leisurely treasure hunt, the coffee shop has also been displaying daily horoscopes on the whiteboard for people to read while waiting in line or hanging out. Aspiring horoscope writer, Hana Hassanpourgol’20, is responsible for this astrological addition.

“It’s a way to get people to engage with the space more and with astrology,” said Hassanpourgol. “I think it’s just funny and a nice little light-hearted touch.” 

Java is also starting to expand its menu. Almond milk and soy milk are now offered as dairy alternatives, and according to Carla, “pizza is coming on the menu real soon here.” So if you have been missing the pizza at Commons, they have you covered.

So come check out what Java Joint has to offer and remember to be nice to your baristas if you want a good horoscope!

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