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Beloit community grieves loss of Keaton Guthrie-Goss ’15

Individuals in the Beloit community and recent alumni are mourning the loss of recent Beloit College graduate Keaton Guthrie-Goss’15. Keaton graduated from the college with degrees in Creative Writing and Classics. Originally from Garisson, New York and most recently living in the Los Angeles area, he unfortunately passed away after drowning in a surfing accident on Thurs, Nov. 29. He was 25 years old.

President Scott Bierman sent an email to all of campus on Saturday, Dec. 1, composed by Professor Donna Oliver on behalf of the Provost’s Office and college. In it, she announced the death of Keaton, adding that “he was kind, sweet, funny, and smart, and he had a contagious smile. He was greatly loved by all his Beloit friends, including my son Mark. The death of anyone so young is especially difficult to understand and accept; all of us who knew Keaton grieve the loss of a truly good soul.”

A YouTube video was also attached to the email. The video is a brief interview with Keaton used in Beloit College’s very first Giving Day – the 24-hour giving challenge that helps raise money for the Beloiter Fund used to support scholarships, financial aid, campus restorations, and various other projects. In the video, Keaton celebrated what he considered to be special about Beloit: the “connectivity between students and each other and students and teachers.”

At Beloit, he ran a WBCR show for several semesters. Additionally, he worked as a social media assistant with The Collective, assisting in the production and filming of various videos and content used across the college’s social media platforms. He was also a guest editor for the Beloit Fiction Journal in Spring 2016.

Across social media, friends from Beloit and his childhood remembered Keaton as an easygoing and goofy man with a bright smile who was rarely without a skateboard or snowboard and always itching to find the next adventure. He was seens as a welcoming guy who easily made friends in and out of college.

The email sent by Bierman also offered condolences to Keaton’s parents and to all of those close to him.

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