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RA’s unite for Halloween festivities

On Halloween night, groups of Residential Assistants held a Fall Crawl for their residents from 6:00- 8:00 pm, providing students with trick-or-treating, DIY crafts, and social hours as a way to spread spooky cheer.

Seven events were held in total with the three RA complexes around campus. There was candy in Emerson Hall’s 1st floor lounge; DIY Leaf Candles in the 815 basement; sugar and apple cider socials in Bushnell’s 1st and 2nd floor lounges; board games and coloring in Blaisdell’s 2nd and 3rd floor lounges; and goggle Mario Kart on Peet Hall’s first floor. The events were an exception for typical RA events in that they were planned by a group of RAs to unite multiple parts of the campus community.

“Now that everyone has card access, we wanted everyone to go anywhere they were interested in,” Emerson RA Sandeep Acharya’19 told the Round Table. The events were well-attended, with nine to ten people stopping in Emerson lounge throughout the two hour event, and Acharya was grateful that “people stopped by and realized that the community took care of them and did something for them.” Peet RAs collaborated to wear Mario Kart costumes together and play a game with their residents.

Residential Life has undergone a restructuring in the last several months with the departures of former Dean of Students Christina Klawitter and Director of Residential Life John Winklemann, and the addition of Cecil Youngblood as Interim Dean of Students, as well as the move from Pearsons to Whitney Hall. Acharya says that the “restructure of Res Life and strong supervision, and more organization of a new chain of leadership” have led to RAs having to “prioritize the community more this semester.”

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