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Truk’t: Bang for your buk’t?

Stepping under the emerald lights and enveloped in the velvet wallpaper, Truk’t and its friendly workers immediately welcome you into their bustling bar and restaurant.

With a menu made for tequila and taco lovers, your taste buds are in for a tasty surprise. We started off the night with the house favorite, and house-made, guacamole. We chose the guacamole with mango habanero relish atop. The roasted mango and nuts on top of the avocado spread was a delish touch that added the right amount of flavor, without too much spice. We were warned by our server, Margaret Sheils ‘19, that the spicy pineapple sure did live up to its name so we were content without our mango.

As for drinks, Charlotte Mahoney Mosedale ‘19 stepped in as the drink connoisseur for the evening. The Cucumber Cilantro Margarita, also recommended by Shiels, was mixed with Corazon Blanco Tequila, Luxardo Triplum, fresh cucumber, fresh lime and cilantro and was a refreshing sip in between mouthfuls of homemade guacamole.

When it came time for tacos, it was pleasantly difficult to choose from the nine choices of tacos, all wrapped inside a handmade corn tortilla and served on an industrial platter. An instant favorite was the brussel sprout taco that had delicate sprouts and cheese to make a delicious meatless taco. Another favorite was the pork belly breakfast that had a strip of pork belly and poached eggs plopped onto a tortilla. A bite into the mess was worth the barbeque stain and egg drip.

When it came to dessert, the churros are a must. Although their oil-fried and muddled appearance left me apprehensive, the taste did not disappoint. Fried on the spot, they came out steaming and were served with a cool, thick chocolate sauce that complimented the cinnamon and sugar dipped treats perfectly.

The overall price for the quality and amount was fairly reasonable and easily feasible for a college student’s budget. Where the menu gets pricey is within the extensive drink menu, most signature drinks start out at $10. All tacos are within the $4-$6 range depending on the fillings and are all wrapped up in those warm, homemade tortillas.

Overall, the joint is a great addition to the up and coming restaurant scene in Downtown Beloit. Good prices and good food at a prime location; there is much success to come to Beloit’s latest addition.

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