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Voces and SAGA partner to bring drag show to campus

On Saturday night Beloit campus was treated to the 14th annual Drag Show, hosted by Vocesalong with Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA). This event has constantly been a highlight for the clubs involved as well as the campus at large and this year was no different. While Voces has had many different Drag companies come to perform, this was the third year in a row that the show was hosted by Marbella Sodi. She was joined by five other queens hailing from Chicago and Milwaukee.
The show opened at Wilson Theater with a performance from the host who was greeted with fanfare from the crowd. The energy in the crowd was timid at first, but as the night went on more bodies started to sway and the cheering became louder. It was in no doubt a reaction to the great performances on stage. The outfits were big and beautiful and had the queens sparkling as they danced on the stage and throughout the theater.
One of the standout performances was by Venus Carnage, who, during her Sia-themed dance, jumped off the stage into the splits, then continued to dance as if nothing special had happened. She controlled the eye’s of the audience, who watched as she dipped and flipped around the theater, all on six inch heels and making it look easy. Chamilia Foxx was another Queen who knew how to work the audience, strutting through the aisles and accepting the loose bills that students thrust her way. 
Along with the professional queens, a few Beloit College students got on stage to perform. Gabe Gonzalez’20 took the stage as F. UK Ur Manifest Destiny and almost lit the stage on fire with his performance which included the stomping out of a beautifully made Donald Trump paper helmet. Lancelot LadeKiller (Hannah Gutelius’20) went all out, showing off some great choreography, as well as some light-hearted crowd work. Finally, Jeffrey Le’18 and Olivia Ruffinns’20 hit the stage as the duo “Buck and Kiki Von Klitz” dancing to TLC’s “No Scrubs”.
After the students performed each queen came out and performed again in new, flashier outfits. When the last dance has ended all the queens came out for a bow and a meet and greet that included pictures. Leaving Wilson, the students seemed in high spirits and full of an energy that had been lacking before the start of the show. Bringing events such as the Drag show onto campus allows students a unique experience to witness and in some cases perform on a stage where all are welcome. Voces and SAGAput on a great event that will hopefully continue on for years to come.


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