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Students in Performance concert highlights individual’s talents

The Students in Performance concert took place on April 28 in Eaton Chapel, and showcased the skills of a variety of different performers who take classes at Beloit College. While there are many music concerts towards the end of each semester, most of them include student ensembles, and the Students in Performance concert is one of the few opportunities for students taking private lessons at Beloit. 

The show opened with the Beloit College Percussion Ensemble, which was made up of five students, all of whom played between three and four different instruments throughout the two pieces performed. Two of the students in the group, Yuwei Bian’20 and Shreya Regmi’21, hadn’t been in percussion groups before, this show acting as their first ever performance. The two pieces played by the Percussion Ensemble demonstrated a delicate balancing act by the group, and it was performed wonderfully.

The show also included a variety of works of voice, violin, piano, guitar and cello. One of the many standouts from the night was the piano playing by Shoichiro Nakai (according to faces he is a transfer student and I’m not sure what his year is), who played two selections, Debussy’s Arabesque No. 1 and Chopin’s Etude Op.10, No.12 “Revolutionary Etude.” Both selections were played beautifully, and Nakai’s performance was the only solo performance of the night.

The show also included a few selections by a guitar ensemble made up of four students, Youness Ayyada (exchange student, unsure of year), Xinrui Bai’20, Daigeng Tian’20, and Marco Valle’18. It ensemble offered an interesting melding of music, and the group played three different pieces.

The concert closed with a beautiful cello piece played by Emma Hall’18, with Ian Nie, a music professor, accompanying on the piano. Hall played Schumann’s Cello Concert in A minor, Op. 129, and II. Langsam. Hall’s performance was the only cello performance of the night, and a phenomenal way to end the evening.

For those interested in attending music concerts throughout the rest of the semester, there is a Wind and Jazz Concert on Monday, April 30 at Eaton, a Senior Saxophone Recital and a Sax, Jazz and Improvisation concert on May 2 and a concert by North Atlantic Music Ensemble on May 8.

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