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Cubs’ crazy eighth inning leads to Chicago win and possible best comeback in MLB

On a wet and chilly Saturday afternoon in the windy city itself, the Chicago Cubs threw the first pitch against the Atlanta Braves at Wrigley Field. The Friendly Confines brought in about 36,788 fans who were not expecting the madness that would occur in the eighth inning of this National League showdown.

Second baseman Ozzie Albies got the bats moving early for the Braves in the first inning. Cubs center fielder Albert Almora answered back with a homer of his own. The Braves then hit them long and hard scoring three runs in the second, and five in the third taking a 9-2 lead by the bottom of the third.  

By the sixth inning, the Braves were at a substantial lead 10-3. The Cubs rallied a bit only scoring two runs in the seventh, but it was nothing too special.

At this point in the game any sane person would have left. Their sacred Cubbies were likely to have no chance left in this one. This time around, though, the Cubs gave the freezing fans a reason to stay past the infamous seventh inning stretch.

All seemed calm and steady for the Braves, but then the Cubbie storm struck. Outfielder Jason Heyward got hit by a pitch, Kyle Schwarber struck out swinging and then Tommy La Stella singled to second, filling up first and advancing Heyward to second.

The Braves didn’t seem too worried, but brought in a fresh arm Jose Ramirez, but the frigid weather must have tampered with his warm up. Ramirez hit Chicago-loved Bryant with a pitch, gave up a single from Cubs catcher Willson Contreras and let in a run from Hayward advancing the score 10-6 Braves.

The Cubs rallied even more starting with a walk for Ben Zobrist and a beautiful double to center from Javier Baez. The double brought in Bryant, Contreras and Zobrist officially getting the Cubs back in the game with a tied up score of 10-10.

After intentionally walking Addison Russell, the Braves swapped out Ramirez for Sam Freeman. Freeman gave up three walks to the Cubs and let in two more runs for the Cubs.

The Cubs sure gave the cold crowd at Wrigley something to cheer for. All those who stuck around, even the shirtless guys in the bleachers, were elated by the comeback, but the Cub mania wasn’t over. The Cubs ended up leading the Braves 12-10.

Atlanta threw in one last pitcher to get the inning from hell for the Braves over with. Calling in Peter Moylan from the bullpen did so, but not before a few moments of chaotic baseball occurred. After all, there was only one out left for the inning to finally be over for the hungry Cubs.

After a wild pitch from Moylan, Heyward scored and that left Schwarber and La Stella in a pickle. Braves catcher Kurt Suzuki made a major error throwing past second base into the outfield paving the way for Schwaber to score and La Stella to advance to third. Moylan finally saw an end to the dreadful inning after striking out the last Cub up to bat, Efren Navarro.

A quick inning and home field advantage gave the Cubs the final win. The Cubs eighth inning may prove to be the best comeback of all year for the Cubbies. May you happily fly the W, Wrigley.

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