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The necessity of Advising Practicum

Each Spring at Beloit College there is a day called Advising Practicum where all classes are cancelled and students are given an opportunity to reflect on their learning experiences. Throughout the day various departments have different events such as: development of professional skills, demonstration of new software, panels for prospective graduate schools, and research presentations conducted by alumni. While Advising Practicum is just a day off for most students this is because they do not see the opportunities that Advising Practicum  has to offer.

If you are a first year or second year student, Advising Practicum is your day. If you have decided on a major or minor, then you should attend the respective departments event. Even if you are on the fence about a major or minor, this day will help you decide. On this day professors take time and plan the sequence of classes tailored for each student. Students should be aware that not every class is offered every semester. Professors do go on sabbatical, potentially eliminating opportunities for unique research. Students who plan to study abroad should also consider that some credits earned abroad do not always transfer fully to Beloit College credits. It is beneficial for students to use this day dedicated to them to their advantage because no one wants to spend another semester or even another year stuck at Beloit College with tuition increasing every semester.

Even if you are a Junior or Senior there are still useful activities during Advising Practicum day. The Liberal Arts in Practice Center is a great place for information about internships and graduate schools. This year the Liberal Arts in Practice Center held sessions about online resources in order to find internships and jobs. For Juniors, The Liberal Arts in Practice Center offers a great place to start looking for internships and other resume-building opportunities. While the summer is approaching fast, it is not too late to find a internship to enhance not only your resume, but also your career network and application for graduate school. Those who have done internships before can also offer advice to younger students on how to apply and what to expect. If Junior students cannot find internships, Advising Practicum Day offers a networking opportunity for potential internships. For Seniors, the Liberal Arts in Practice Center’s staff is well trained and they really know what admission committees are actually looking for in potential candidates for very competitive graduate school programs. For those who need a break from school, the Liberal Arts in Practice Center can help you be productive during your gap year, finding prestigious internships to boost your resume.

On Advising Practicum day beginning at 4pm there was an event called Mocktails with Professionals in the Science Center. This was a networking event for students to not only practice their networking skills but to meet alumni and local professionals. Networking is essential for finding a stable career and even students who are going to graduate school need to network with faculty in order to find internships and advisors. This is an excellent opportunity to practice communication and networking skills in a low stakes environment. No matter a students skill level, there is always room for improvement in this essential professional skill.

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