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Once again we review a drink at Applebees, Bahama Mama

Once again Applebees has attempted to capitalize on the people’s desire for cheap booze. During February, Applebees offered the Bahama Mama for $1. Like the Dollarita, this drink offered a cheaper version of an old-time favorite. However, this drink was only offered in the classic and signature flavor as opposed to the 10+ flavors the Dollarita could come in.

As Round Table Editors, we felt that the people deserved to know whether these $1 drinks were truly the creme-de-la-creme of cheap alcoholic beverages not far from campus. Obviously if you’re really looking for an amazing fruity drink, Applebees is probably not the place to go, but we figured it was worth a looking-in to. Editors Jake Quatt and Elena Cusack went with Staff Writer Miles Avery Irwin to see if these drinks were all they promised to be.  

For those loyal Round Table readers, you might remember that we did previously try the Dollarita, a $1 margarita offered during October. This trip ended up being over 3 hours of drinks and food, so we felt kind of bad for our poor waiter, Fabian. As we rolled up to the giant booth in the back of Applebees, who do we see but poor Fabian, destined to serve our loud and obnoxious table again.

Luckily for us, he did not immediately recognize us, until one of our party just so happened to mention this was for an article, and asked whether Fabian would agree to an interview. After this statement was uttered, poor Fabian’s eyes grew and darted around the table, finally settling on those of us who were writing the last article. All we could do is give a little shrug, knowing that we had to tip as generously as last time. Needless to say, Fabian declined to comment.

When Fabian faithfully brought the drinks over, the eyes of Cusack, Quatt, and Irwin lit up like a Christmas tree. For those unfamiliar with the Bahama Mama, according to, is composed of 1 ounce dark rum, 1/2 ounce coconut rum, 1/2 ounce banana liqueur, 1/2 ounce grenadine, 1 ounce pineapple juice, 1 ounce orange juice, 1/2 ounce lemon-lime soda, and for a garnish: Pineapple wedge and a Maraschino cherry.

Applebees doesn’t divulge their recipe, but does say that the Bahama Mama, “combines the flavors of coconut, cherry, orange, pineapple with lime and white rum,” so it’s pretty similar to a typical recipe.

At first taste, the reviews were mixed. Quatt gave the drink a solid 6.5/10 saying that the drink was, “a little sweet, a solid 6.5/10. Slightly better than a regular shot,” which is not a high praise coming from this editor.

Cusack, a seasoned taste-tester, said that she, “[could] taste the alcohol, but not in a way that’s good. 3/10 and that’s pushing it, it makes me miss the kiwi marg.” For those who have not read the previous drink review, the kiwi margarita was the most disgusting of all the margaritas, not tasting like a kiwi or a margarita. For those reasons it only received a 2.5/10. If the Bahama Mama was truly that bad, then it’s saying something for Cusack’s palate.

Irwin’s rating was only slightly lower than Quatt’s. They said, “The initial taste is very sweet and sits on the tongue well. You can taste the alcohol, but the fruitiness of it pairs well, 6/10.” Their rating did not change at the end of the drink, even though the taste did. Although the first taste was good they said, “I didn’t mix it well enough, so I got a full blast of alcohol at the end, but we’ll stick with the 6/10. I would buy multiple of these.”

Cusack declined to comment at the end, so we can only assume that her initial opinion was indicative of the entire experience. Quatt’s review however, was still as upbeat as it was initially. He said the drink was, “better than tequila. Better than just shots of alcohol so there’s that. For $1 I’m pretty happy.”

That seemed to be the consensus of the group. Although the drinks aren’t the highest quality, the price is too good to beat. If you’re buying a $1 drink from Applebees expecting a high-quality drink, then you’re expecting way too much. However, for how much you’re paying, the drink is exceptionally good and worth trying out, which seems to be the general consensus around Applebees promotional drinks. As always, the Round Table will keep you updated on our favorite cheap drinks offered on a monthly basis, hopefully with Fabian as our waiter again. For the Bahama Mama, this editor gives Applebees a big thumbs up.

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