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East of I-90, a photo exhibit

This past summer, instead of flying as she normally does, Hannah Yee’19 drove to Beloit from California. Rather than taking the most direct route from home to school, Yee and Jacob Systema’18 took a more scenic route, stopping along the way at a variety of locations including many national parks.

Yee loves taking photos, and while she does not consider herself a ‘nature girl,’ it came naturally for her to take photos of the scenery she and Systema drove through on the way to Beloit. Initially Yee did not intend to display the photos in a professional setting for the public to see. 

However, now that Gallery Abba is no longer closed for renovations and is looking for submissions, Gretel O’Donnell’19 asked Yee to put on a show. Initially, Yee considered an interpretive dance, something which Yee decided not to do as it was “kind of weird” and something Yee said she “couldn’t do continuously.” Instead, she decided to create an exhibit revolving around her photographs.

Yee’s show is the first art displayed since the remodel was completed. The Gallery was substantially re-structured, and is barely recognizable as the same space as before. When asked about working with the new layout, Yee stated that “it was a little stressful, as they [the Gallery Abba employees] were new to the space, and I had never done anything like this, and Gretel’s the director for the first time.” However, despite the uncertainty in the process, Yee had a great experience at the opening, and found it “very fun to socialize and to see people seeing my work.”

The show was absolutely phenomenal, and showed beautiful scenes in nature, and showed gorgeous images from states which are often forgotten about. The photos will be up in Gallery Abba for a few weeks, and can still be seen on Monday-Friday at any time between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.

For other students at Beloit who create art, including but not limited to photography, Yee recommends having a show at Gallery Abba. Yee states that “it’s a very cool experience, and you learn how to do everything from creating a project to displaying it.” Gallery Abba is accepting all types of art, and also gives students the opportunity to market and sell their work. If interested in having your own show, contact Gretel O’Donnell at

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