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2018 Chelonia dance concert recap

Chelonia Dance Concert took the stage from Thursday, February 8 through Sunday, February 11, and was a fantastic display of the artistic and athletic abilities of many students.

There were twelve dances that ranged from two to ten minutes. Students choreographed and directed six dances in the concert, all of which premiered at the December Dance Workshop. The concert also featured four pieces choreographed by faculty members and two choreographed by guest artists.  

Dancers in Kate Wallich’s Splurge Land. Photo by Simon Wu.

One of the guest artists, Andrea Markus, specializes in West African dance. Markus came to campus in November 2017 to teach classes, as well as choreograph a new piece for this concert. The dance she choreographed is titled Wama Ye, and opened the show. The performance was a beautiful way to start the show and featured dancers Quincy Broughton, Elena Cusack, Mýa Hernandez, Beryl (Kikie) Odonkor, Amy Pfeifer and Adrian Tomby. These students created wonderful formations and looked like they thoroughly enjoyed dancing together.

Kate Wall

Ari Kost and Delaney McCarthy in One! Time! Only! Photo by Simon Wu.

ich was the second guest artist welcomed to Beloit. In late January, Wallich taught classes, hosted a dance church class and choreographed a dance for Chelonia. Her piece, titled “Splurge Land,” featured Lucy Abrams, Elena Cusack, Ari Kost and Zoë Koenig and took the stage after intermission. The four dancers were all dressed in nike shorts, socks, and tops in varying combinations of white and black. The piece highlighted the dancers’ abilities to use all parts of their bodies to show movement and engagement with each other.

Aliza Tresser’s piece titled One! Time! Only! was directed as an improvised dance that took am incredib

Dancers in ScatCatGroove. Photo by Simon Wu.

le amount of collaboration to pull off. The title was very fitting to the piece because each night offers a complete different performance experience. The skill that the dancers, Gabrielle Rose Garcia, Ari Kost and Delaney McCarthy, have is incredible as each of the dancers had an understanding of the space and used it well, as they all played off of each other to create a cohesive and beautiful dance on opening night. Emma Hall played the cello for the piece and it tied the piece together and connected to the movement on the stage. 

ScatCatGroove was the last piece of the show and was choreographed by faculty member and Director of Chelonia, Chris Johnson. The piece featured Nicole D. Claudio, Elena Cusack, Sarah Draves, Kaela Evans, Yanna Fritz, Mýa Hernandez, Britney Johnson and Paige Wolcik. The dance was an upbeat jazz piece that had beautiful costumes designed by Yanna Fritz. Every dancer seemed so engaged and in the moment. There is a wonderful use of the stage and the features that the Neese Theater has, as well as a great collaboration shown by the dancers to create a wonderful dance that was fun to watch and a great way to end the program. 

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