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Who the Buc is Australian Basketballer Dan Babb?

Dan Babb ‘20 sat down with the RT while watching the Celtics and 76er’s game to chat about basketball, Australia and his possible new fraternity. 

RT: Where is your hometown?

DB: It’s a town called Hollamby. It’s a suburb of Sydney, Australia.

RT: How is it being so far away from home?

DB: It’s tough, but overall a great experience because I really have grown up and matured from the experience.

RT: What’s something from home you really miss?

DB: The Beach. Lake Michigan is okay, but not as good as Australian beaches.  

RT: How does basketball in the United States  differ from basketball in Australia?

DB: It’s taken a lot more seriously over here especially in college, compared to what I’m used to. I want to  take my game to the next level. Here, you have to be  more uptempo,fast paced, and more athletic in general.

RT: Normally you stay on campus for most of the break.Do you get to go home at all this year?

DB: No not until the summer break. Break is always the toughest part of the year, I don’t look forward to that. It’s tough not having a roommate over break.

RT: What do you like to do with all that free time over break?

DB: Catching up on sleep when we don’t have morning practice and lift weights with my teammate Al. Then I’ll usually start anew series on netflix

RT: What is you major/minor?

DB: psychology- I am  thinking i want to go to grad school. I also have an extra year of eligibility so I’d like to walk on somewhere to play. In the future I’m thinking about sport psychology.

RT: When did you start playing basketball?

DB: I think I was 7 years old. I started going to dads games because he plays.I  would shoot on the court at half time then started playing in a kids rec league. We were called the Hollamby Spiders. I actually still play for that team. The season links up with summer break so it’s perfect.

RT: What position do you play? Have you always played that position?

DB: I play small forward now. I’ve always been a shooting guard or point guard then I put on some weight so I could play a bigger position.

RT: You guys are currently 1-3 and have a big weekend at home coming up. What are some of the things you are working on?

DB: So mainly were focusing on the Grinnell  game because of their different structure. Grinnell runs “the system” that is where you have a whole team rotation every 90 seconds. Their strategies are to shoot 95 shots a half. 55 three pointers and 40 layups. They always put a ton of pressure on the ball and are always run-and-gun so we will have to prepare for that.

RT:  Conference-wise, do you guys have a lot of tough competition up?

DB: (St.)  Norberts is always really good, but  Grinnell will be tough. They started pretty good, but havent layed the best teams yet so you can’t tell exactly where they are at.  

RT: So I’ve heard that you are leading the charge in starting a new fraternity on campus. How is that going?

DB: That’s going well. We have quite a lot of support about 110 people interested in joining. Augie Ciofalo ‘20 and I have met in front of greek council and now we’re just waiting to hear back from the board and John Winkelman.

RT:   Why do you want to start up a new fraternity?

DB: We feel that something is missing on campus with current frats. We want to be more welcoming to people who play different sports or are involved in other things that might not  click with the three available.  Hopefully we will just help make campus more fun, but we’re not trying to do any harm to any other organizations.

RT: What kind of challenges are you facing?

DB: Well  a lot of people are unsure because it will be a local fraternity at first. Local is a very good thing in that you can self govern, but a higher chance of being less sustainable and we don’t have any alumni so funding is on our own.

RT:  How are managing starting a new greek organization, school, and basketball?

DB:  Yeah you just have to  be passionate. I’m passionate about everything I’m doing and school is always a great motivator for me.

RT: Onto a few fun questions… What kind of music are you into?

DB: EDM- electronic dance music

RT: What is your pump up song?

DB: “Living on a Prayer” Bon Jovi

Be sure to catch Dan and the rest of the Bucs on Wednesday December 6th at Ripon College. You can see the live stream on the Buccaneer athletics website.


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