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Giving Gifts Without Breaking the Bank

Maybe you celebrate a holiday coming up. Maybe a loved one has a birthday soon. Maybe you’re just inspired by all the JCPenney commercials you’ve been seeing lately. Whatever the reason is, if you’re looking for gift ideas this time of year, we’re here to help you come up with the perfect gift for your loved one (or you enemies you’re trying to lull into a false sense of security). 

First off, hand made gifts are great, but only if it’s still a nice gift. If you genuinely put in the work to making something good, it can convey a level of dedication and can be very sweet and personal. If you can’t put in the work to make it a good, just go ahead and get them a starbucks gift card. Gluing popsicle sticks together doesn’t cut it anymore, buds.

Here are some ideas for gifts that don’t take a lot of skill, but if you put in the effort, can make great presents without breaking the bank.

  1. Framed Pictures: Walgreens offers fairly inexpensive prints of photos. Throw one in a frame from the dollar store or Goodwill and you’ve got a gift that says you really value the memories you’ve made with this person. To make this even more personal, paint or decorate the frame and/or mat the picture on a piece of scrapbook paper for extra flair.
  2. Scrapbook: Got more than one picture you really like? Get a binder and some scrap booking paper and get gluing!
  3. Kind Words: Gifts that focus around a genuine expression of love can’t go wrong. Grab an old mason jar and fill it with reasons you love the person. Make a booklet of your favorite things about them. Get an old deck of cards and write 52 of your funnest memories together.
  4. Fleece Blankets: If you have absolutely zero skill with a needle, go for a tie together fleece blanket, but try to pick fabric personalized to the recipient. They make fleece with patterns with a wide variety of team logos, interests, and patterns, so you really can make it individualized. If you have more sewing skill, a fleece blanket sewed at the sides, or with an added monogram makes a very impressive gift. Fleece can be expensive, so although a cozy gift, this isn’t the way to go for that one secret santa you got roped into with a price limit of $7.
  5. Painted Canvases: You can find packs of small canvases on Amazon for fairly cheap, and paint at the dollar store. If you can paint something that looks like something real, that’s great, do that. Paint something the recipient loves or associates with your relationship. If you’re more like me, then embrace the abstract and just get some color on their. Then pick a quote you think the recipient will like or needs to hear, and smack it on top. Glitter optional.

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