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Who the Buc is…Speedy RB and Skittles Lover Tyree Smith?


The Round Table got the chance to sit down and chat  with the hilarious Tyree Smith ‘19, a running back for the Beloit Buccaneer Football team. Tyree spillas  about football, school, music, and most importantly, Skittles. 

RT:What is your major/minor?

TS: Media studies. I haven’t declared a minor yet, but it will most likely be Anthropology.

RT:Where is your hometown?

TS: West Palm Beach, Florida

RT:What is something you miss most about being far from home?

TS:Publix subs.  It’s  kind of like a grocery store, but they sell subs and chicken tenders. When I’m home I go there about three times a week.

RT: How did you begin playing football?

TS: I started playing at the age of 5 in Marietta, Georgia they allowed for kids of the that age to play  tackle. They let us play with pads and everything. I knew exactly what to do- find the quarterback and hit him as hard as I could.

RT:Do you have any pregame rituals?

TS: Yes. I was actually asked this today! I always watch 45 minutes of motivational videos or college football warm ups. Also,  before and during the game I eat Skittles.

RT: Why Skittles?

TS: When I  was younger my mom gave us kids Skittles during half time. I played so much  better when id eat them! Now  I’ll have them in my hand warmer pouch during games and pop some on my mouth on the sidelines,

RT:Who is your away game bus buddy?

TS:  Usually I sit alone, but if I had to have one it’d be Xavier Haynes  because he’s skinny and won’t take up much room.

RT: What is your favorite football memory from this season?

TS: thats a good question, it’s really hard to choose because there are so many this year.  Honestly my fav is would be this time during training camp  when a certain teammate of mine caught a football that no one thought he could catch. The entire camp  he was struggling to make a catch and then he got one good pass, jumped for it and caught it. I was for hype for him.

RT:You’re not only a football player correct? What other sports do you play?

TS: No I am not.  I also run track for the famous Brian Bliese

RT:What events in track do you participate in?

TS: I  run the 4x100m,  4x200m, 100m, 60m, and 55m.

RT:Which one do you prefer?

TS: 55m because  it’s the shortest.

RT:Who is your role model and why?

TS: Honestly, Barack Obama. Everytime I hear him speak I have to listen  to it whether it’s stupid or not.  Also, him and Michelle are just  king and queen. I get chills whenever I hear his speeches.  

RT: What is your zodiac sign?Do you feel like you identify with it at all?

TS: Pisces- i definitely  do I’m all over the place just like other Pisces.

RT:What is your favorite pump up song?

TS:  “Believer”  Imagine Dragons

RT: Favorite song to sing in shower??

TS: “Where the party at?”  by Jagged Edge

RT: What is your pet peeve?

TS: Dirtiness.- people who are dirty.

RT: What was the last thing that made you cry?

TS: Losing a football game to Ripon.  

RT: If you were to have any superpower what would it be and why?

TS: Fire. So I can make fire mixtapes.

RT:What is one movie you are embarrassed to say that you like?

TS:  Totally Spies!

RT: Who is your celebrity crush?

TS:  Wonder Woman. I am genuinely in love with her. She’s the most excotic beautful creature. Flawless.

RT: We finish the interview and you step outside the office and find a lottery ticket that ends up winning $10 million. What would you do?

TS: Leave Beloit. I’d peace out and go somewhere far away from the Midwest. Most likely California.

RT: Choose two organizations on campus to play a game of flag football. Who would win and why?

TS: Sigma Chi  vs Tau Kappa Epsilon.  We (TKE)  would destroy them.

RT:  What is your favorite cheesy pick up line?

TS:  So I’d go up to  a girl and I’d ask three questions. (I saw this on Facebook. I still haven’t done it yet, but it’s my favorite one i’ve seen) 1) Do you have  a boyfriend? Hope she says  she says no. 2) Do you find me attractive? Pray she says yes.  3)  What would be your excuse not to kiss me right now? Then you lean in and go for it. If it happens it happens, if it doesn’t it doesn’t.  

RT:  Could you score a touchdown on Scotty B?

TS: Hahaha I’d kick Scotty B’s butt.

Tyree and the rest of the Buccaneer football team will play  their last game of the season next week against Grinnell College. If you can’t make the four hour trip down to Grinnell, Iowa, be sure to catch the livestream of the Bucs available on the Beloit College Athletics website.

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