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Beloit College updated alcohol policy: What will it do?

This year Beloit College campus has put its new alcohol “policy” into place. Just to recap, Beloit defines responsible alcohol use as: 1) maintaining control, and drinking no more than one average size drink per hour; 2) not using alcohol as the focus of the event; and 3) paying careful attention to what you are drinking and being aware of how it is affecting your body and behavior.

The new policy is pretty much the same as the old policy, but with a few slight modifications. Students should note that an email was sent out, but who reads their emails from ResLife anyways?

They also felt the need to tell us the “change in approach to pot smoke in buildings.” First off, why did they say pot smoke? I feel like the more professional phrase would be marijuana smoke, not pot smoke. It makes you wonder, does ResLife partake in pot smoking, hmmmMMMMM?

Honestly, in regards to the pot smoke, the administration’s stance seems to just be trying to shame us. They said, “It is unfair and often dangerous to expose others in our buildings to smoke of any kind.” Obviously this is a fair point, but is anyone really going to listen?

Also, another new feature of the policy is that if you are suspected of smoking in a dorm, security is authorized to enter your room if you do not answer when they knock. The weird part of this feature is that they are only allowed to enter so that they can confirm the source of the smell and make sure there is no danger of fire. So, does it really matter if they come in?

In terms of the alcohol policy, not a lot is different either. Obviously, they changed it from “philosophy” to “policy” which is going to change a whole lot.

The main change is that students can no longer carry more than a single serving of alcohol. The email sent to students stated, “carrying with intent to consume a quantity of alcohol does not fit the responsible use expectations, ie. more than a single service container of liquor.”

The only place this will really matter is at the Wall. No longer can people bring entire cases to the wall.

The only complaints that I’ve really heard on campus is that people can’t carry their alcohol around with them without some kind of fear and that the Wall isn’t as fun as it used to be. Peet, though, seems to be the new wall, as it’s been intense the last couple of weekends.

Other than the fact that you can’t have copious amounts of alcohol, the only difference is that the policy seems to be implied rather than explicitly stated.

There could be some negative effects of this, such as students drinking in their rooms instead of in the open and not coming forward when they get alcohol poisoning. These things seem though like they could have been happening even if Beloit only had a philosophy.

Unpopular opinion: I like the new policy. It doesn’t really have too many effects on the way students drink any more than the old policy, which is probably why I like it. In the end, it doesn’t take away anything from the “time-honored traditions” at Beloit.

Students can still play golf, they can still get lit while watching movies with their friends in their dorms, and they can still show up super drunk to Folk n’ Blues without having to worry about security calling the police.

If first-years don’t get to experience the wall, then that’s probably better for them anyways. People have said, “wow the wall isn’t as fun as it used to be. I haven’t seen nearly as many bell runs this year.” I’m pretty happy I haven’t seen as many bell runs as in past years, I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to get run into by naked people on my way back from the library.

The new Beloit College alcohol policy doesn’t change a whole lot, expect that students can no longer carry large amounts of alcohol around with them anymore. I don’t see this as being a huge change, but it has some people on campus pretty whipped up. The new alcohol policy won’t change campus much, but what it does change will either not matter or be for the better.

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