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GOP health care bill pull signals failure for Trump, victory for Obama

Ever since President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Healthcare Act, also known as Obamacare, Republicans have been preparing their plan to repeal and replace it. They had about eight years to create a new approach to healthcare, but the result left the both Democrats and Republicans underwhelmed.

The bill, which has been dubbed as Trumpcare, has turned Republicans against each other. Many moderate Republicans feel that this bill goes too far because it removes healthcare from 24 million people, but more extreme Republicans call the bill Obamacare Lite and believe that it has not been changed enough.

Although this bill did not fill many of the requirements that Trump laid out for his healthcare plans, he jumped behind it. He supported the bill wholeheartedly, and he went to Congress and threatened Republicans to get behind the bill, or he would make their lives living hells. Trump completely backtracked on his campaign promises for this bill, and at this point it seems like it was for nothing because the bill never made it to a vote. Republicans pulled the bill the morning of the vote because it was clear that they did not have the support needed for the bill to be passed.

The ball is still in the Republicans’ court, and even though many Democrats are celebrating the removal of this bill, it is still the Republicans job to create a new healthcare bill that satisfies their whole constituency. The question now is which side of the spectrum will they choose. If they go towards the more conservative Republicans, even more people will end up losing healthcare.

Most Democrats hope that the Republicans will turn towards a more moderate angle, so that the new bill will be more fair to Democrats. This direction would be closer to a compromise than the original plan.

The Republican party knows that they have the power in this situation, but Democrats know that they can filibuster and effectively kill any proposed bill in Congress by delaying it. Right now, Congress seems to be in a deadlock, which means that they will not pass anything whether it is good or bad for the public.

Trump knows that the situation in Congress is tense, yet he can not seem to stop adding flames to the fire, as he targets specific Republicans to be his scapegoats. Because Congress is so divided, there will most likely not be a solution until there Congress can work together on something, hopefully in uniting against Trump.

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