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Senior on the Street: CJ Clark

The Round Table checks back in with senior CJ Clark, a few months ahead of their graduation.

The Round Table: What is the best dessert you’ve had at commons?
CJ Clark: Hot damn, that’s a hard one. Way back in the day they had this red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and it was really really good.

RT: What are you involved with? What are your favorite clubs/activities that you’re involved with on campus?
CJ: I’m part of the collective, now through admissions, and we make all sorts of cool social media stuff and I’m an RA and I try be as uninvolved as possible in everything, so here I am.

RT: Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?
CJ: Okay, honestly I have a quick answer to this. It would be a horse sized duck because I love birds, and honestly I would conquer it. It would be like that really bad movie with the blue people, Avatar. It’d be like Avatar, and suddenly we would be one. I am a horse-sized duck.

RT: If you could describe Beloit in one phrase, what would that phrase be?
CJ: Sweaty buttholes, all heck, or basically it’s just the swamp that Shrek lives in.

RT: If you could meet one U.S. president, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
CJ: Richard Nixon, because he passed the most environmental legislation in his time in office, and that’s why we have OSHA, the EPA, and the Clean Air and Water Act.

RT: Who is your favorite professor?
CJ: Probably, my advisor would be really mad if I didn’t say it was her, but I’m not going to. Lisa Haines Wright is the best professor that this campus has ever seen because she is like 5’ tall, but she is a firecracker. She gets really overwhelmed sometimes and has to stand up and start yelling. I took a class where there were only three of us and we sat at this really table, and sat all close to each other, and then she would just stand up and yell at us. We were like there are literally three of us Lisa. She would write things, gibberish, on the board. She would say what she was saying but write garbage.

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