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Bandcamp raises $120K for ACLU

Bandcamp, a platform that allows artists to post music to be streamed, downloaded and purchased, led a fundraiser in which all profits earned by the website on Friday, Feb. 3, would be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union. Bandcamp announced it had raised $120,000 during the fundraiser.

The website estimated that more than $1 million worth of music had been purchased throughout the day — 550 percent more than a typical Friday. Bandcamp’s 12 percent cut went directly to the ACLU, but a number of others agreed to give their share as well.

Bandcamp was joined by more than 400 artists and labels in the fundraiser, including Sub Pop, Merge, Epitaph, Run For Cover, Merge and Kill Rock Stars, among others. Merge also added they would match proceed donations, effectively doubling its donation.

The band Xiu Xiu announced it will donate all its Bandcamp earnings to the ACLU for the next four years. Some artists, such as Pinegrove and Alanna McArdle, joined in the drive but opted to donate their proceeds to other charities.

Bandcamp made the decision to host a fundraiser in response to Trump’s executive order closing U.S. borders to citizens and refugees from seven Muslim-majority countries. In a statement, Bandcamp founder and CEO Ethan Diamond wrote, “We at Bandcamp oppose the ban wholeheartedly, and extend our support to those whose lives have been upended.” He also said the executive order “is not simply immoral, it violates the very spirit and foundation of America.”

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