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Obamacare repeal would be selfish act

In recent weeks, the Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as Obamacare, has come under fire again as House Republicans have begun work to repeal this act of legislation.

For those who are not aware, the Affordable Care Act is former President Barack Obama’s landmark healthcare legislation that, among many things, does not allow insurers to discriminate against those with disabilities or pre-existing conditions. It also bans insurers from denying coverage to some based on age or geographical location. Most college students know it as the plan that allows them to not have to worry about insurance until they’re 26, because it allows children to stay on their parent’s plan until that age.

There are downsides to this plan, which are mostly affecting the middle and upper-middle class. The cost of insurance for those who did not have any pre-existing conditions or were relatively young jumped to much higher prices. This is because insurance agencies were no longer able to refuse those who had pre-existing conditions and the elderly. With those groups now receiving insurance from whatever agency works best for them, those agencies have had to hike up costs for all of their customers, because those groups use insurance much more than someone who has no illness or health problems.

Repealing the Affordable Care Act would take away insurance from those who need it the most. Those who rely on their insurance in order to get the healthcare that is necessary to keep them alive could lose the insurance they have and be denied insurance by other agencies, or have to pay a much higher price for their insurance as compared to everyone else.

It is, admittedly, not entirely fair that those who have not had health problems or who have not had to use their insurance should have to pay so much for everyone else to have insurance, but it also isn’t right that people could be denied healthcare. If Republicans insist upon repealing the Affordable Care Act, a better plan needs to be proposed and be ready to be put in place. Completely eliminating the Affordable Care Act with no other plan ready is frankly idiotic and dangerous. It’s saying that well we know this isn’t working well, but we have no better idea, so we’ll just be getting rid of that plan. If one has no better idea, then one cannot complain about what isn’t working.

I propose that before House Republicans repeal the Affordable Care Act, they come up with a better idea — not just any idea at all, but one that will actually work to help those who need this insurance the most without raising prices dramatically for every other American. Before they come up with that plan, the Affordable Care Act should stand as it is, or be improved, but cutting the program with no alternative is ridiculous. As Americans, we should strive to find that delicate balance between helping each other and helping ourselves.

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