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Who the Buc are you?: Sammi Kinard talks tennis


The Round Table sat down with Sammi Kinard’17, an Honors Term captain on the tennis team.

The Round Table: Where is your hometown?
Sammi Kinard: Waukegan, Ill.

RT: Major/minor?
SK: Anthropology/ Museum Studies

RT: What do you want to do after Beloit?
SK: I want to go to grad school and be a board certified forensic anthropologist and work with law enforcement on cases. Maybe do some museum work as well.

RT: Favorite pump up song/what you listen to before games?
SK: I don’t have a set song I always listen to before every match but this season included a lot of Ariana Grande’s “Side To Side”, Prince Royce’s “Back It Up” and of course some DMX to make sure I was in the zone.

RT: Who’s your inspiration?
SK: I don’t really have one specific person, but my family inspires me all the time, especially my siblings. When I see how great they are and everything they’re accomplishing they make me want to constantly be a better person.

RT: Favorite joke to tell?
SK: All of them. I don’t really have set jokes I pull out in situations, I just make them up as I go. I’m naturally really sassy so everything I say pretty much comes out as a joke.

RT: What do you like to do after a tennis match?
SK: Shower, grab some food and cuddle up to some Netflix

RT: Favorite TV show you’re watching?
SK: Probably Criminal Minds, Zoo or The Walking Dead. They’re emotional rollercoasters and I’m all for it. I get really invested in my shows.

RT: Who is your hero/heroine? Why?
SK: My hero is Enrique Iglesias or anyone else willing to sing “Hero” to me, both the English and Spanish version are acceptable. I actually don’t necessarily have any heroes, but find traits I admire in everyone and strive to improve on that trait in my own life. I believe I can learn something from everyone.

RT: What is Victoria’s secret?
SK: That she looks best on me…and I don’t mean a girl named Victoria 😉

RT: What would the title of the movie made about you be called?
SK: Life’s a Joke: Go Along with It

RT: Would you rather starve or have to eat human?
SK: It depends on if the human is prepared for me or if I’d have to fix it up myself. If I’d have to do the prep I’d probably just starve because that’s too much of a hassle for something that might not even taste good.

RT: What part of the body would you eat if you were forced to survive? Why?
SK: Probably the ribs, they’re one of my favorite food groups. They taste really good on animals so maybe people too?

RT: What were you for Halloween this year?
SK: Benny from The Sandlot

RT: Who is your celeb crush?
SK: I don’t really have one. None of them really seem to peak my interest. I’m a big fan of a good sense of humor and some good dimples though.

RT: If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be?
SK: The Lion King

RT: Venus or Serena? Why?
SK: Serena because she’s a beast. My older sister and I were doubles partners in high school so I feel like she’s more of the Venus to my Serena.

RT: How much wood could a woodchuck, chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
SK: Enough where their mouth is full so we don’t have to repeat that statement.

RT: If you were the opposite sex for a day, what would you do?
SK: Myself. See if guys stomachs actually are bigger or if they’re full of it… same with alcohol tolerance. Basically live it up doing everything I couldn’t get away with as a girl.

RT: Pick a scar that you have and tell me the story behind it.
SK: I have a scar on my right knee from a bike accident. I was pedaling really fast and my knee hit the cup holder and it snapped off. The broken edge sliced open my knee and it took forever to heal. Best part? It was a stationary bike.

RT: Favorite cheesy pick up line?
SK: You can call me Nemo because I’m not afraid to touch the butt 😉

RT: Why doesn’t glue stick to the inside of the bottle?
SK: Magic. I dunno really, according to Google it has to do with mechanical properties and the lack of air in the bottle. The more ya know.

RT: Would you rather be the funniest person or the most intelligent person in the room? Why?
SK: Both because I already usually am…jk. If I had to pick one probably the funniest in the room because it’d get irritating always knowing more than everyone else.

RT: What ice cream flavor is the grossest? Why?
SK: I’d probably say sherbert because if I’m going to be eating ice cream I’m not trying to go for something fruity. I’d just have a smoothie if I wanted that. Ice cream is meant to be unhealthy.

RT: What is something you wish you could change about Beloit?
SK: The winter weather probably, I’m a baby about the cold. Also changing the mentality where people just have an overall more positive attitude.

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