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Creepy clowns need to stop being creepy


It’s Halloween, so we need to talk about the random scary clowns haunting people in cities and trying to lure children into the woods. These clowns have been found all over the U.S., a new fad designed to terrorize people. The craze can be traced back to the first sighting in Greenville, S.C. Spotting creepy clowns started out as something fun to do to scare a few people, but as the fad of dressing up and frightening people has spread, these harmless sightings have mutated into something truly terrifying.

The earliest sightings were made by children near the woods, encountering clowns who wanted them to go into the forest. As far as anyone can tell nobody has been harmed as a result of this ruse. Now, several clowns have been spotted in parking garages and enclosed spaces, stalking people and chasing them with knives and machetes. This escalation has people afraid for their lives, and risks inciting mass hysteria and the encouragement of copycats who may further push the boundaries.

Coulrophobia, fear of clowns, is fairly common, and these clown sightings are generally terrifying to most people. With the clowns popping up everywhere, it is more than enough to make people feel unsafe at night in their own hometowns.

Halloween is all about scary things, and seeing a creepy clown on Oct. 31 is not unheard of, but these clowns have been spotted year round since last August. Halloween is supposed to be about dressing up as someone or something that is not normal. It can be creepy, fun, or clever, but this holiday is supposed to be a time for fun and treats not genuine fear.

This phenomenon started out as fun and games, but now it is evolving into something potentially dangerous. As copycats continue to escalate the terror of these sightings, it won’t be long before someone is attacked or harmed.

Clowns are supposed to be harmless. They are a fun part of circuses and birthday parties. They make balloon animals and jokes, but this trend adulterates the concept of what clowns are supposed to be. We need to restore this view of clowns because there are enough things in this world to be afraid of. Clowns do not have to be one of them.

People are out for a good scare, but the thrill is not worth people’s sense of public safety. There are plenty of real things that go bump in the night, so we need to stop making other things that scare people. It would be different if this scare was a one off, but with the spread of creepy clowns all over the U.S., this is quickly becoming a national problem. This type of terrorization is as bad as any attack because it makes the general public feel unsafe, and it needs to stop. Everyone should be able to have a safe Halloween, but just to be sure, stay away from scary clowns.

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