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First Year on the Street: Sam Funk

The Round Table sat down with freshman Sam Funk from Kenosha, Wis. to discuss the diversity and atmosphere of Beloit College. —Lillie Herbst and Therese Lydon

Therese Lydon/The Round Table

Therese Lydon/The Round Table

The Round Table: Sam,  is the Wisconsin Minnesota feud a real thing? Do we get along?

Sam Funk: The only feud I see is from the football teams. Otherwise we can get along.

RT: Who is your favorite professor so far?

SF: Do everything and do anythin My favorite professor is Debra Majeed. She brings such a good spirit and welcoming attitude towards all of her students. She’s made me feel comfortable and intelligent but also with much yet left to learn about the academic study of religion.

RT: How do you feel about the food at commons?

SF: I really appreciate the well versed and diverse around-the world-food options, but sometimes the black on the bottom of my pizza doesn’t make my day.

RT: How do you feel about the ginger diversification here on campus?

SF: I feel like just a number now. I was the only ginger at my school — maybe one more. I feel like I’m surrounded.

RT: What has been your favorite event in the Beloit community?

SF: I would say I enjoy Java Joint’s pumpkin spice lattes but I don’t want to sound basic. So instead I’ll say the time I bought three paper bags worth of books from the public library.

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