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Fantasy football gets tough in week 4

Jake Quatt/The Round Table

Jake Quatt/The Round Table


I figured I’d add my weekly scores here, mostly just so I can brag about my wins so far. Look forward to this section vanishing after my first loss.

Week 1: Win, 120-67.
Week 2: Win, 163-88.
Week 3: Ongoing – too close to call yet.

For perspective, someone in our league scored 34 points last week. Total. They’ve got to be trying to do that badly.

Clutch/Choke Players:

Clutch: Jarvis Landry (WR) – Landry was on my team last year, and he’s a nice consistent player despite not always posting the biggest numbers (partially due to the Dolphins poor offense overall, undoubtedly). He put up a pretty 15 points this week, and shows no signs of slowing down.
Choke: Carson Palmer (QB) – Three interceptions and zero touchdowns. Need I say more?

Injuries and Suspensions Watch:

There’s always one or two weeks in every NFL season that are an injury apocalypse for fantasy players everywhere. This was clearly one of those weeks. Brace yourselves for the size of this list:

Adrian Peterson (RB) – Torn meniscus. There goes your first-round pick.
Jonathan Stewart (RB) – Hamstring injury. Another premier running back gone.
Thomas Rawls (RB) – Calf injury. Aaand another one.
Danny Woodhead (RB) – ACL tear. Done for the season. Geez. Not a good week to be a running back in the NFL.
Jay Cutler (QB) – Thumb injury. To be fair, Cutler usually throws like he’s got broken fingers anyway.
Corey Coleman (WR) – Broken Hand. Of course the Browns have already destroyed their best rookie prospect.
Russell Wilson (QB) – He’s been dealing with ankle problems, and went down this week against the 49ers with a sprained MCL.

This week’s fantasy recommendations:

Add: Vikings D/ST. The Vikings are making a strong case for themselves as the best defensive unit in the NFL this season. They’ve put up double-digit numbers every week, with an astounding 25 points this weekend against the high-powered Panthers offense. And they’re only owned in 69 percent of leagues! Grab them before they’re gone!

Trade/Drop/Bench: Brock Osweiler (QB) – Osweiler started the season fairly strong with 16 fantasy points, but has only declined since then. With the exception of DeAndre Hopkins, Houston is lacking offensive weapons and Osweiler is looking more and more like an expensive bust. Plus, he beat the Patriots last year in the AFC title game, so I actively endorse benching him out of spite.

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