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Beloit College dance team begins

Sophia Rogers-Davidson/The Round Table

Sophia Rogers-Davidson/The Round Table

In the spring of 2016, the new Beloit College Dance Team graced the campus with their talent. The founder and captain of the team, Jen Widmer, sought to provide a creative outlet where students were able to continue to hone their abilities, spread school spirit, and encourage more of the student body to come out to the home sporting events.

Because they are fairly new, they have only performed at a football halftime show. However, the chances of more engagements are highly likely as the semester continues considering “many [of the other] sports teams have requested we perform for them, and a lot of students are so excited to see a dance team that’s also a spirit team” reports co-captain and vice president Sophia Rogers-Davidson; “we’ve already brought students to sporting events that normally wouldn’t be at them” because the dance team offers an extra incentive to attend the games. When asked about the possibility of the team participating at dance competitions off campus, Widmer said that such competitions are “something we can work towards” as the team grows.

Even though the group has only had seven practices so far, Widmer is very hopeful that the team will grow and expand, “I would love to see the team grow in size and in ability” allowing for dances to increase in difficulty, new things to be added to routines and to support members of the team in choreographing dances.

Currently, there are seven members of the team. Jen Widmer and Sophia Rogers-Davidson, as mentioned before, hold the positions of president, the vice president, and co-captain respectively. Tessa Simon is the treasurer and Sabrina Tumicelli is the secretary of the group. Carter Skolnick, Jasa Hinton and Abigail Fleming are also members of the team. Widmer states that ultimately, it comes down to the fact that, “we are just a team of dancers who love to dance and are excited to get out there and promote school spirit!”

Come see the dance team perform before the homecoming football game on Saturday at 1:00 pm.Want to get involved with the dance team and promote pride and spirit at college sporting events? The next opportunity to attend tryouts for the dance team will be at the beginning of next semester.

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