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Art museum trip offers students opportunity to soak in culture

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Lilly Calvert/The Round Table

Lilly Calvert/The Round Table





The Art and Art History Departments took a field trip this past Saturday, Sept. 10, to the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art and the Art Institute of Chicago.

Three different art history classes went on the field trip, including “History and Culture to 1300,” “Birth of the Modern Artist” and “Contemporary Art in the Age of Global Warming.”

The Contemporary Art Museum had an exhibit that consisted solely of works from the painter Kerry James Marshall. He has been deemed one of America’s greatest living artist and creates works that feature primarily black figures. With his creations, he emphasizes the  invisibility of black people in Western art throughout time.

At the Art Institute, students primarily visited the Modern and Comptempary Art exhibitions that featured the timeless pieces of Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. The temporary exhibition was called “America After the Fall: Paintings in the 1930s.” The display consisted of the changing dynamics of art during the Great Depression.

The trip was an academically and culturally engaging trip for the students who were afforded the opportunity through Beloit’s art programming.

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